COBOMODA is a premium brand under the glorious ambit of NAZ LEATHER EXPORT. NAZ LEATHER EXPORT is a veteran name in the INDIAN LEATHER EXPORT INDUSTRY. SInce its inception in 1995, it has served customers all across the world including  Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Lithonia, USA, UK, Sweden, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Mauritius with world class leather products carrying traditional craftsmenship and contemporary glamour.Led by founder , Mohd. Misbah, who has an experience of over two decades in leather industry and with a passionate workforce of over 100 professionals, NAZ LEATHER EXPORT over the years has grown with leaps and bounces.

Cobomoda strives to bring this sumptous experience to its customers through its retail channel. Spanning across categories of men, women luxuries and home furnishing with enormous range of products that exhibit quality and affordability, Cobomoda leans to be a reliable brand for generations to come. Influenced by the tech bubble and accompanied by state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative technology, we aim to bring the best user retail experience at your fingertips.


Cobomoda is built on a strong OPENSOURCE technology platform supported by high tech professionals and skilled support staff. Accompanied by a strong technical and mechanical infrastructure, highly talented and passionate human resource, COBOMODA brings together an environment of innovation and harmony to bring the best products on world stage.

We have a very thriving process of how we choose our leather which goes through a multilayered filter process and same kind of procedure are being adopted for other accessories.With the event of rapid changing times, our design team is vigorous enough to bring the best of the innovative design to our customers in durable quality and affordable prices.Thence, at COBOMODA we thrive with the best of our tradition and culture in conjuction with the world technologies to bring the craftsmenship of an era at your mobility.


For more information or queries reach us : or contact us @ +91 11 65127271.